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Lancaster Composite

Port Hadlock, Washington State

Fender Piles

The Navy is in the process of renovating the ammunition pier at Port Hadlock, on Indian Island, Washington. Deep draft transport ships utilize this facility and accordingly long fender piles are necessary to protect the pier. The CP-40 piles required for this project are 16.5" diameter and 93' long. The pilings were fabricated (filled with concrete) at the production yard of Bellingham Marine, a PCI certified plant. Lancaster QC personnel were present at all times during the pour process. The piles were transported to the job site by way of barge to minimize costs and accordingly the waterfront facility in Bellingham made the loadout most efficient.

Lancaster's CP-40 piles were selected for fendering due to their durability and exceptional energy absorption properties. Special high yield FRP tubing was developed to meet the loading criteria for these long fender piles. The piles have been fitted out with a 1 1/2" thick HDPE sleeve to protect the pile from abrasion abuse. Blaylock Engineering were the consultants for the Navy and Oceaneering International was the general contractor organizing the project.