Lancaster Composite

Superior Physical Characteristics


  • Bending Moment capacity equal to steel pipe of the same diameter
  • Axial Loading capacity greater than that of steel or prestressed concrete piles of the same diameter
  • Combined loading/interaction curves available
  • Good stiffness characteristics ( stiffer than wood, not quite as stiff as steel for piles of the same diameter)
  • Excellent Energy Absorption for fender pile applications
  • Roughened Surface available to create skin friction for additional load capacity or uplift resistance.
  • Non-Conductive - Ideal for electromagnetically sensitive installations.
  • Full Design Guide.


  • Fiberglass shell provides an impervious barrier against corrosive agents. Much more corrosive resistant then stainless steel.
  • 2-part marine grade coating provides superior UV protection in full sunlight, splash zone and total submersion in salt water
  • Not subject to damage by marine borers and other biological attack
  • Cannot rust, rot or spall.
  • Impervious to anodic/cathodic corrosion.


  • Use traditional pile driving equipment (diesel, air and drop hammers all work well)
  • Easy cut off procedures with traditional abrasive blade saws. Drills easily with hand held hammer drills.
  • Well tested and proven splices available.
  • Handles and drives like a steel pipe pile. Good pile integrity, low tensile stresses.
  • Excellent Quality Controls - FRP shell manufactured with ISO 9001 accreditation. All Piles manufactured in accordance with PCI Plant Certification Accreditation and PCI MNL116.


  • Positive environmental impact. Materials comply with all State, Local and Federal environmental regulations
  • Contains no toxins that can leech into sensitive tidal waters such as CCA, creosote or heavy metal coatings.
  • Withstands harsh climate extremes, both high and low temperatures. No effect from aggressive freeze/thaw cycles.