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As the Navy moves to consolidate the Pacific Fleet at Naval Station San Diego and the surrounding support activities, there has been a need to upgrade waterfront structures. Many piers and wharves have been repaired and /or replaced. Lancaster Composite has played an ever-expanding role as the Navy is making every effort to incorporate Best Value design criteria into this new wave of construction. Life cycle value, one of the cornerstones to Best Value procurement, is evident in the selection of the fender piling.

Pier 5000, located at Point Loma, at the southern tip of the San Diego Bay, is one of four major piers that serve as home base for several attack submarines. The Lancaster style pile was specified for the intermediate fender piles and for the corner clusters on this pier. The Lancaster pile has superior energy absorption when compared to steel, wood or concrete piles and also has a durable FRP jacket that provides for extensive corrosion resistance.

The Lancaster pile, when used in aggressive fendering applications, needs to be fitted out with an abrasive resistant rub strip. At pier 5000, the engineer, Blaylock Engineering called for a 2" thick wall HDPE pipe to be slid over the Lancaster pile, to serve as a rub strip where the berthing vessel comes in direct contact with the fender pile, thus protecting the pile from abrasive abuse.

Piles Fitted Out with HDPE Sleeves

Piles Driving with Diesel Hammer

Secondary Fender System with Primary in Foreground