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Naval Station Norfolk

Fender Piles

Naval Station Norfolk is not only home to the Atlantic fleet but also to the Naval Facilities HQ (NAVFAC). In 1993 NAVFAC initiated talks with Lancaster Composite to further develop the CP-40 Post product line into much larger diameter sections for use as piling. NAVFAC waterfront engineers participated in the initial workshops where the Lancaster CP-40 pole products were scrutinized with an eye to further develop them into strong durable piles. During hundreds of hours of close review and developmental consultation, several points of design criteria were discussed and analyzed. It was found that the Lancaster product, with insignificant modifications, was ready for a service. The Navy quickly found a demonstration site at their submarine repair dock at Naval Station Norfolk. The Lancaster piles were installed by the Staff Civil wharf builders and have seen some of the toughest duty imaginable.

Though no UHMW or HDPE rub strips were fitted out on the piles, as recommended by Lancaster and the workshop members, the piles matained integrity for 3 years before repair/replacement was necessary. The engineer in charge of the dock maintenance crews applauded this durability and strength. He reports the following: