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Lancaster Composite

Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, LA

Full Production Rates - Fendering Wall System - Design Capabilities

This project will soon begin the construction phase of the work. Lancaster's in-house designers, with strong engineering support from Whitney, Bailey, Cox and Magnani, Baltimore, MD have completed the technical drawings and design and the project is expected to go to bid in the Fall of 2005. The project consists of self supporting fender walls that sweep in and out of the draw bridge bascule under the Lake Ponchartrain Bridge. The three and five pile support clusters will be spaced eight feet on center and are connected with ten horizontal wales that run the length of the fender walls. Recycled plastic lumber wales are spaced twenty inches on center and act as the fender element. All is tied together with stainless steel cable and fittings.

The piles were fabricated locally by Boh Brothers, New Orleans at a rate of 50 piles per day. Lancaster's QC personnel were on site at all times during fabrication of the piles. Lancaster management has opted to produce the CP-40 pile at PCI certified plants and/or with PCI certified field personnel to enhance QC procedures.

The project was competitively bid as a package, with the US Army Corps of Engineers acting as owner and the technical review team. The materials and design were both provided by Lancaster and the Army Corps handled the procurement. The Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission will oversee the final design package and be responsible for the construction of the fender approach walls. Completion is scheduled for Spring 2006.