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Lancaster Composite

Naval Station Ingleside

Structural Piles - Fender Piles - Dauphin Clusters

US Naval Station Ingleside is the home of the EMR Facility Pier in the Gulf of Mexico region. It is here that the Navy's mine sweeper class vessels come for routine Degaussing, a process that removes electronic fuzz and static from the very sensitive detection equipment on board. At such facilities it is extremely important that steel /iron are eliminated from the design of the pier. The Lancaster CP-40 product was clearly the most cost efficient pile that met all of the strength and corrosion resistance requirements.

The engineers of record were Gee&Jenson. They who were assisted in the composite pile and pier design by Whitney, Bailey, Cox and Magnani, Lancaster's consultants. Southern Division NAVFAC coordinated the design and the project was built by Orion Construction.

The project utilized Lancaster's CP-40 pile in four different applications which speaks highly of the versatility of the piling.

  1. Fender piles - with UHMW rub strips
  2. Structural battered piles
  3. Vertical structural piles
  4. Dauphin clusters - with UHMW rub strips

The project is now seven years old, weathered a major hurricane four years ago and held up without damage, a testament of good design, proper materials and quality construction.

Degaussing Pier from Land

Feuder Piles and Dauphin Cluster

Mouth of Slip Guarded by Dauphin Clusters

Freshly Poured Piles Being Placed on Casting Table