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Lancaster Composite

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Easy Handling - Resists Biological Attack

The New York and New Jersey waterfront is infested with not less than three (3) different types of marine borers, all of which are capable of eating through even the most heavily treated wood piles. Thousands of existing wooded structures are now even more vulnerable to marine borer attack then they were in the past. As the tidal waters have become cleaner, ship borer infestation has exploded. At the same time more State and Local environmental agencies have banned the use of toxic wood treatments. The Lancaster pile is the perfect alternative.

On this project the Lancaster pile is used in a structural application to support a wharf extension. The Brooklyn Navy yard is in the process of a privatization program and many waterfront portions of the facility are in need of serious repair. Standards and specifications have been established for the piling materials that are acceptable to the owners, and the Lancaster pile has been selected for these projects. McLaren Engineers Nyack, NY designed this project and has been instrumental in forwarding the use of composites on waterfront infrastructure projects throughout the NYC area and on a national level through workshops and ASTM committee work.

The NY/NJ waterfront infrastructure is in serious need of repair and the Lancaster CP-40 pile is leading the way toward efficient design with tremendous durability, corrosion resistance, strength, and a positive environmental impact.