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Lancaster Composite

Pier Bravo, San Diego

On Site Production - Fender Piles

As the Navy consolidates the Pacific fleet in San Diego many piers and wharves are going through significant rehabilitation. Many of the repair projects involve an upgrade of the fendering system. As budgets seem always to fall short of the necessary upgrade, it is constant challenge to select the most efficient components available. Several different design criteria are considered in the selection of the most efficient fender system. In particular, life cycle value evaluation has become a genuine priority for these major maintenance projects. Lancaster's CP-40 is the fender pile that provides the lowest initial price with no need for maintenance, while providing the durability to serve for several decades. No other piling delivers the cost to benefit ratio that is found in the Lancaster pile.

Blaylock Engineering, were the consultants for the Navy on this project at Pier Bravo, located on Coronado Island in the San Diego Bay. Marathon Construction was the marine contractor who performed the extensive repairs to the pier.

In order to meet very tight scheduling demands and also to eliminate transportation costs the fender piles were fabricated (filled with concrete) at the job site. PCI certified engineers and QC personnel from Lancaster Composite were present throughout the production process. Though it is more convenient and routine to produce CP-40 piling at a PCI certified plant, it can be more efficient to fabricate on site, as was the case on this project.

Piles in Production with Day Markings

View of Production Site

Pile Driving