Lancaster Composite

Precast FRP Composite Piling and Structures

Over the past decade Lancaster Composite Inc. has focused it's resources on the successful design, development and commercial implementation of a marine and water system piling that is economical, corrosion resistant, environmentally safe and readily available. Our Precast FRP Composite Pile is commercially available as Composite Pile 40 (CP40).

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Thousands of CP40 piling have been installed nationally as the BEST VALUE design solution for a variety of public and private projects. The CP-40 pile is resistant to decay, marine borer attack and consistently demonstrates reliable strength, while providing marine structures with longer service lives, and lower maintenance/life cycle costs.

The age-old problem of developing sustainable ports and harbors has been solved and we at Lancaster Composite have the solution... Build your next project on CP-40 piles and wales.


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Structural Piles - Piers • Docks • Wharves • Boardwalks
Fendering Piles - Fender Piles • Mooring Piles • Dolphin Piles • Approach Walls
Foundations & Other - Foundation Piles • Columns • Caissons • Stay-In-Place Forms • Navigational Aids

Production at Pier Bravo,
San Diego, CA

Municipal Docks, Shark River
Belmar, NJ

Roughened Surface Provides Skin Friction